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Welcome to the Future of Office Design.

Designed by the award-winning  McInturff Architecture team, Greencourt Innovation Center encompasses all of the modern and innovative features expected in today's office space. The designers were inspired by the surrounding industrial environment, which is highlighted in the unique building finishes, exposed steel beams, polished concrete floors, industrial height ceilings, and expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. GIC offers both tenants and guests a world-class building experience.  


Ex 6936 Bridge Parklawn below
9814 Lobby small
0220 Lobby sm upper detail in out
GIC entry foyer  NO PEOPLE mid rez
EX 6856 Front from right scaled
Ex 6891 Wilkins entry court 3-4 crop
1026 Skylights
Ex 6918 Wilkins detail bridge brick
0226 Lobby sm detail beam column
GIC Executive Conference room Mid rez
9764 Lobby sm to door fave
EX 0731 Dusk Parklawn email no signs
GIC 3rd floor raw space - mid rez
Ex 9817 Lobby sm entry
GIC GAMES Wilkins Atrium NO PEOPLE Mid R
7046 Red ceiling stair detail do more
Ex 7539 entry court sky persp crop
0106 Restroom